Thursday, September 18, 2008

Terrible actually equals good: A math equation.

Hubcab falling off=Me trying desperately to put it back on=Me failing desperately to put it back on=Nice neighbor offering to help put it back on=Nice neighbor also failing to put it back on=Hubcab still not on=Conversation with nice neighbor=Potential neighbor friend

Too much? Here’s a quick recap. Hubcap=Friend

Hmmm, I think I messed up somewhere in there because my gut is still along the lines of Hubcap=Crap when not actually attached to wheel. You do the math.

I stand people up now

So I accidentally stood up a semi-date because I was, of all places, at church. So I told him, "I was with another guy…you might know Him, His name is God." (Now I have to go back to church to confess that I just lied).

And the best part? I told him I am not usually like that, I never stand people up, and that I would call him on Wednesday to tell him whether or not I could hang out…and then my phone fell off a cliff. I don’t even know his last name to Google him. He would never believe me anyway, because I already could not hang out with him two weekends in a row because I had friends in town, and he thought they were “friends.” Sometimes when you fail, you fail big. As Nkaku and millions of other Amerian men always say, Go Big or Go Home. Does that apply here?